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Using Schema-Building Activities in ESP Reading Classroom

ABSTRACT This paper aims at accessing the problems and reviewing the relationships and benefits of using schema-building activities in ESP reading classroom. Based on the theoretical background and previous studies, the study reveals the research gaps and builds the conceptual framework to investigate the extend to which pre-reading schema-building activities (Pre-SBAs) were applied in teaching […]

Should Peer E-Comments Replace Traditional Peer Comments? (Scopus-Q2/ESCI)

Many studies in literature have compared peer e-feedback/comments to traditional peer feedback/comments to see whether one medium of providing feedback should replace the other. However, few studies investigated to see whether two modes of commentary activities positively affected the students’ writing quality, instead of just comparing one to another. The literature failed to investigate the extent to which […]

High School Students’ Common Errors in Writing Essays (ESCI-indexed)

Abstract Students’ writing problems have become one of the first and foremost issues in writing classrooms, and to know the common errors which frequently occur on students’ writing papers is usually what the writing teachers have conducted in the classrooms. However, no research study has been conducted at Huynh Man Dat High school to investigate […]

The Effects of Peer-Video Recording on Students’ Speaking Performance (ESCI-indexed)

Abstract The purpose of the current study is to investigate whether peer video recording helps non-English majored college students enhance their speaking performance. Eighty students were selected and assigned to two groups: an experimental group and a control group. Peer video recording was presented to experimental students while no training was given to students in […]

The Effect of Using Total Physical Response (TPR) on EFL Young Learners’ Vocabulary and Speaking Fluency

Ngo Thi Cam Anh, Tra Vinh University Pham Vu Phi Ho, Van Hien University ABSTRACT This study aims at the investigation of the effects of using the TPR approach in teaching vocabulary to very young learners; and to explore the attitudes of young learners towards learning vocabulary using the TPR approach; when TPR is applied […]

Mô Hình Chung Về Phương Pháp và Các Hoạt Động Giảng Dạy Ngoại Ngữ tại Các Trung Tâm Ngoại Ngữ Lớn ở TP. HCM

TÓM TẮT Việc tăng cường dạy và học ngoại ngữ theo Đề án 2020 đã được thực hiện gần 10 năm và có những bước tiến đáng kể. Bài viết này trình bày các phương pháp và hoạt động giảng dạy ngoại ngữ tại 16 trung tâm ngoại ngữ (TTNN) lớn ở Thành phố Hồ […]

High school teachers’ pedagogical beliefs in English as a foreign language writing instruction

ABSTRACT Writing in a foreign language is deemed to be the most difficult language skill to learners, especially at high school level. Consequently, its teaching has become a challenging task for high school teachers in the Vietnamese context. Teacher beliefs related literature indicates that what teachers do in the classroom is directly governed by what […]

The Effects of Using E-comments From Microsoft Office to Enhance Graduate Studentsʼ Writing Revision

E-peer comments were widely investigated by researchers around the world. However, investigating the effects of e-peer  comments on writing revision in terms of global and local areas are still in debates. The purpose of this research paper is to introduce to an  instructional model for training Academic Writing for Graduate students at Ho Chi Minh […]

The Effects of E-comments on Graduate Students’ Writing at HCMC Open University

Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to introduce to an instructional model for training Academic Writing for Graduate students, in order to help lecturers from big-size classes to apply instructor/peer e-comments as samples in classrooms. 86 graduate students from 2 classes participated in the study to provide data for analysis. The results indicate […]

Ảnh hưởng của hoạt động viết bài theo nhóm trên kỹ năng viết của mỗi cá nhân

The effects of collaborative writing on individual writing Abstract Collaborative writing is widely researched and its effectiveness is rather impressive by the researchers around the world. However, few studies conducted to test the effectiveness of collaborative writing on individual’s writing skills. The purpose of this study is to investigate if the collaborative writing activities affect […]

The Employment of Self-Regulated Strategies in Writing Process by English-Major Freshmen at Ho Chi Minh City Open University

ABSTRACT The current study aims to investigate the employment of self-regulated strategies (SRS) and the gender differences in using SRS in learners’ writing processes. Zimmerman’s model of self-regulated learning and thirty SRS are used. This is the survey study and its research instruments are the questionnaire and the interview. The participants of the study are […]

Hiệu Quả của Việc Nhận Xét – Góp Ý Bản Dịch cho Sinh Viên trong Môn Biên Dịch

TÓM TẮT Môn Biên dịch là một trong những môn học bắt buộc trong chuyên ngành Ngôn ngữ Anh. Tuy nhiên, phương pháp giảng dạy môn này được thực hiện theo kinh nghiệm giảng dạy của từng Giảng viên (GV) hơn là có phương pháp cụ thể. Bài viết này mô tả lại một nghiên […]

Senior Students’ Reports on Their Translation and Interpretation Abilities, Teaching Methods, and Curriculum at Ho Chi Minh City Open University

This thesis examines the senior students’ self-assessment on their translation and interpretation abilities at Ho Chi Minh City Open University and their feedback on the teaching methods and curriculum. Twenty-four senior students in Business and Tourism Translation and Interpretation in the course 2008-2012 participated in the study. Data collection were from questionnaire investigating students’ general […]

E-peer response activities for L2 writing revision (SSCI/Scopus Q1-Indexed)

Few studies have been conducted to see how Blog-based peer response helps students improve their writing revisions. The present study investigates peer comments made through blogs, the nature of the comments and their areas of focus, and the ratios of students incorporating suggestions made through blog-based comments into revisions of their writing. Thirty-two second year […]

Evaluation of the Course-Book “Steps to Conduct Your Research” Designed and Employed at The Faculty of Foreign Languages of Ho Chi Minh City Open University

ABSTRACT Course-book plays a very important role in many language training classrooms, especially at Faculty of Foreign Languages at HCMC Open University. However, few studies have been conducted to investigate whether the current course-books, either imported or local materials, have had suitability for the students’ needs and interests. This study was an attempt to evaluate the course-book […]

The Impacts of Task-Based Speaking Activities on English-Majored Freshmen’s Oral Performance at Ba Ria-Vung Tau Teacher Training College

Abstract This action research was carried out with the aims to investigate (1) the factors causing difficulty for the English-majored freshmen’s oral performance at BR-VT Teacher Training College; (2) the impacts of the TBSA1 on the students’ oral performance; and (3) the students’ attitudes towards the TBSA. The research was carried out in 15 weeks […]

The Effects of Communicative Grammar Teaching on Students’ Achievement of Grammatical Knowledge and Oral Production (Scopus Q2-indexed)

AbstractSo far the students of Le Hong Phong Junior High School have been taught grammar with GTM(Grammar-Translation Method), which just prepares learners for conventional grammar-paper tests. Despite their considerable knowledge of grammar, the students fail to use the language they have learnt to communicate in real-life situations. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the […]

Hoạt Động Viết Theo Nhóm và Một Số Vấn Đề Cần Được Tiếp Tục Nghiên Cứu

TÓM TẮT Một trong những phương pháp dạy Viết tiếng Anh được nhiều nhà khoa học nghiên cứu để giúp giảng dạy hiệu quả môn Viết Học Thuật của các sinh viên đại học là tổ chức viết bài luận theo nhóm. Bài viết này trình bày sơ lược về phương pháp lấy người học […]