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Van Hien University

The effects of lecturer’s model of e-comments and graduate students’ e-comments and writing revision

Abstract The purpose of the current study was to investigate if the lecturer’s model of e-comments helps graduate students enhance the quality of peer e-comments and writing revision. Fifty graduate students at HCMC Open University in Vietnam participated in the study. Data collection was from the students’ drafts, lecturer’s sample e-comments, peer e-comments and semi-structured interviews. The study found […]

Thành nhân trước khi thành danh 3 – Trách nhiệm

Hai bài “Thành nhân trước khi thành danh” trong loạt bài về đề tài này đã được biên tập với tựa đề “Triết lý Giáo dục “thành nhân trước khi thành danh”, xuất bản trong kỷ yếu kỷ niệm 20 năm thành lập trường Đại học Văn Hiến (Trg. 101), và đăng trên website của […]

An evaluation on the course-book of Translation & Interpretation-1

ABSTRACT Course-book is seen as a vital source of providing teachers and students with content and  activities for the training process. However, it is important to evaluate a course-book to investigate whether it meets students’ needs and interests. This study attempted to explore students’ evaluation on the course-book “Translation and Intepretation-1” designed and developed to train second-year students […]

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