Indications of Paired- vs. Grouped-Peer Feedback on Students’ Writing Activities

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L2 teachers in Writing have long been using peer feedback to improve their writing skills in the classrooms. While findings from nearly all studies have shown paired-peer feedback and grouped-peer feedback to enhance student writing performance, few studies have attempted to compare the effect of paired and grouped-peer feedback on writing performance. If the results of paired and grouped-peer feedback are thus proposed, the view of using paired and grouped-peer feedback is further clarified in the EFL written guidance, so teachers can have a clearer understanding of the appropriate arrangement for students to receive paired or clustered peer reviews. This helps educators to organize their students in a writing classroom. First, in the current post, we shall address the theoretical basis of peer reviews. We will review previous feedback studies by analyzing paired-peer feedback and grouped-peer feedback behaviors in foreign and Vietnamese contexts. Finally, we will define the research differences based on theoretical review and previous studies.

Keywords: Writing activities, Paired-peer feedback, writing performance, grouped-peer feedback

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Updated: March 8, 2021 — 1:05 am