The best age for getting marriage – Opinion paragraph

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In my opinion, people who are at the age of 27 are old enough to get married. First of all, people who are 27 usually have stable jobs to take care of their families. It appears to me that young people often try to work at different companies to get more experiences for their jobs. When they reach the age of 27, they find enough knowledge and experiences to settle their career; hence; this is the best time for them to move to marriage life. Second, the age of 27 is mature enough to solve problems in families. From my perspectives, those husbands and wives who are 27 years old or above are somehow stable in mind. They do not spend much time for friends or activities outside their families. Instead, they know how important their families are, and they help each other to overcome problems when they face with. This easily brings them happiness in their daily life. Finally, as far as I’m concerned, especially to women, 27 is the best age to bear babies. Physically, their organisms develop totally at this age, so the babies can fully benefit what the mothers bring to them. Psychologically, women at this age are well aware of taking care of children. They know how to feed and educate their children from early childhood. Matthiessen (2014) stated that women are best to have pregnancy in their 20s, and the risk for miscarriage would be 30s or older. Then the age of 27 is good for marriage life. In short, having stable jobs, being mature, and knowing how to take care of babies at age of 27 are good qualifications for people to get married.

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Updated: February 19, 2017 — 10:58 am