How to write a good essay – Process essay

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Learning how to write a good essay is very important for students. The reason to write an essay, not a paragraph, is that the topic is too complex to be discussed in only one paragraph. A form of an essay is similar to that of a paragraph, but every part of it is longer (Hogue & Oshima, 2006). Therefore, students should learn how to write the introductory paragraph, the body of the essay, and the concluding paragraph.
First of all, the introductory paragraph begins with a general statement in order to introduce the topic to the readers. And then the other sentences, one after another, should be narrowed down the topic to a specific area. Particularly, the shape of the introductory paragraph looks like a triangle which ends with the thesis statement at the last sentence of the lowest angle.

After completing the introductory paragraph, students should learn how to organize the body of the essay with several paragraphs. Each paragraph of the body should begin with a topic sentence or the main idea. Yet, there must be some supporting sentences to prove the main idea by giving examples, facts, reasons, or statistics (Hogue & Oshima, 2006; Baugh, 1992). Normally, each of the body paragraphs ends with a concluding sentence.

The final part of an essay is the concluding paragraph which tells the readers that the essay is to end. In the concluding paragraph, students should summarize the main points which are discussed in the body of the essay, or they can rewrite the thesis statement in different ways. In addition, students can give some of their own comments, their strong beliefs or their messages to the readers to remember what they would like to convey in the essay.

In conclusion, in order to write a good essay, students should be clear about the techniques of writing an introductory paragraph, the body of the essay which includes several paragraphs, and the concluding paragraph which closes up their writing. The more the students keep up these steps of writing an essay, the better quality of their writing will be.

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