Senior Students’ Reports on Their Translation and Interpretation Abilities, Teaching Methods, and Curriculum at Ho Chi Minh City Open University

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This thesis examines the senior students’ self-assessment on their translation and interpretation abilities at Ho Chi Minh City Open University and their feedback on the teaching methods and curriculum. Twenty-four senior students in Business and Tourism Translation and Interpretation in the course 2008-2012 participated in the study. Data collection were from questionnaire investigating students’ general knowledge, interpretation and translation skills as well as their problems in translation and interpretation, and their opinions of materials and teaching methods. The results revealed that the students did not meet the requirements of translation – interpretation skills. In terms of materials and teaching methods, the senior students were not satisfactory because of out-of-date information and monotonous teaching methods.

Keywords: translation, interpretation, curriculum, senior students, general knowledge.
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Updated: June 1, 2018 — 8:00 am