Future of CALL for Vietnamese Students

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E-learning environment is now widely used by the students in Vietnam beyond the classrooms to conduct their independent learning. However, few research studies investigated what activities the students had conducted when they assessed online in order to adjust the learning curriculum at universities. Two hundred thirty-seven students of the current study described their actual activities when they conducted their studies outside the classrooms and their expectations for the future learning conditions to support their studies. The study also revealed the most common types of social networks that they have employed for their self-studies. The results of the current study provided good thoughts for educational leaders to make wise decisions to apply e-learning activities at their universities.

Pham, V. P. Ho (2019). Future of CALL for Vietnamese students. Social CALL Proceedings, Twentieth International CALL Research Conference, at the Education University of Hong Kong 10 – 12 July 2019, Hong Kong. ISBN: 9789057286230, pp 315 – 323.

Updated: July 29, 2019 — 7:32 am