CALL in Asia During Covid-19 and Models of E-Learning

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Corona Virus’ pandemic (Covid-19) has affected all of the world’s aspects, such as economics, lifestyles, culture, education, etc. Most schools and universities have been shut down for the safety of students. Then e-learning has been employed in many schools and universities to keep education going on. However, many lecturers/teachers and students in Vietnam have not been familiar with this teaching/learning mode yet. Training lecturers/teachers to use the e-learning system at a school or university is an important issue in terms of effective teaching/learning and school management. Few research studies have been investigated to study the useful model of e-learning classrooms during this critical time. This paper presents an overlook of e-learning issues around Asia during the Corona Virus pandemic. It then examined a case study on e-learning at a university in Vietnam during the lockdown situation. The study revealed that the implementation of e-learning in Vietnam still had many obstacles in terms of Internet connection, available devices, economic conditions, and the students’ unwilling-perceptions. The study also provided a model of e-learning for the school/university management and the lecturers/teachers who wish to run their e-learning classes effectively.

Keywords: Corona Virus’ pandemic, Covid-19, e-learning, online-meeting, LMS, pre-recording video, video clips

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Updated: March 8, 2021 — 1:11 am